Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lytro Light Field Camera

The much-talked-about Lytro Light Field camera will be available in the US through,, and starting October 9th. The Lytro camera captures all the light traveling in every direction in a scene, giving photographers the ability to refocus the image after it's been taken. The result turns out to be what the company calls a "living picture" that can be focused and refocused, and shared online. The camera was first introduced six month ago and now is  available in three colors and priced at $399 for an 8GB model and $499 for one with 16GB storage.

Camera Specifications
Technology Lytro Light Field Sensor and Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0
Lens 8x optical zoom; constant f/2 lens
Controls Power button; shutter button; zoom slider; touchscreen
Display 1.52 in | 38.55mm back-lit LCD display with glass touchscreen
Exposure Control Tap on touchscreen to set exposure
Battery Long-life li-ion internal battery
File Output Light filed picture file (.lfp)
Light Field Resolution 11 Megarays: the number of light rays captured by the light field sensor
Software Includes a free desktop application for importing, processing and interacting with living pictures from the camera. Software requires Mac OS 10.6.6 or higher or Windows 7 (64-bit only)
Picture Output Produces HD-quality interactive, living pictures
Picture Storage Free storage for living pictures on, subject to the Terms of Use (internet access required)
Picture Viewing View and interact with living pictures on the Lytro camera as well as any supported computer, smartphone or tablet
Light Field Engine Version 1.0. This is the software that processes light fields to produce interactive pictures.
Shell Ultra-light anodized aluminium structural skin
Grip TPSiV-injection silicon rubber
E-waste RoHS certified
Weight Camera 7.55 oz | 214 g Boxed 22 oz | 624 g
Camera Dimensions 1.61 in x 1.61 in x 4.41 in | 41 mm x 41 mm x 112 mm
Box Dimensions 3.75 in x 3.625 x 6.5 in | 95 mm x 92 mm x 165 mm
Case Pack Quantity 10
Case Per Pallet 30
Included Lytro Light Field Camera; lens cap, cleaner cloth; wrist strap; 3.28 ft | 1m micro-USB cable for data transfer and charging
Optional Accessories USB wall charger; tripod mount; (separate purchase required).

Details about Where to Buy and the schedule for availability:

Online at, and starting October 9
Online at Future Shop in Canada, starting October 9
In-store through retailers in Australia, starting October 10
In-store through retailers in Hong Kong and Singapore, starting mid-October
In-store at CityTarget, starting November

Source: Lytro

Monday, September 24, 2012

Macro Ring Flash (O-Flash) has started offering macro ring flashes (O-Flash) for various Canon and Nikon professional SLR cameras. The ring flash adapter is designed to replicate the lighting effect produced by traditional expensive and heavy-powered studio ring flash lights and works by turning the light from your camera’s hot-shoe flash unit into around-the-lens circle light. The ring flash is indispensable for eliminating shadows and is widely used for macro and close-up photography.

Unlike many other ring flash adapters available on the market, O-Flash reflector does not form a complete circle but is designed with a v-shape cut into the top where the flash meets the flashgun. This particular design has a distinct advantage over all other types of ring flashes since it allows the focus beam from the camera speedlight through and thus greatly improves low-light auto focusing making it possible to take pictures in very dark conditions. Similarly to other ring flashes, our macro ring flash mounts directly onto the camera’s flash adapter.  Its rubber flashgun and Velcro fasteners make the ring flash more versatile with other flash light and camera combinations.

Currently, carries twelve macro ring flash models that are compatible with various Canon and Nikon flash adapters; all models are priced at $36.50.
  • F155NI - Nikon SB800 Speedlight flash for D80, D50, D90, D40, D60 cameras and Nikon SB600 Speedlight flash for D70S, D300, D200, D80, D50, D90, D40, D60 cameras;
  • F155CA - Canon430EX/430EX II Speedlite flash for Rebel XSi, Xs, XTi, T1i, 500d, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D cameras;
  • F165NI  - Nikon SB800 Speedlight flash for D700, D3, D3X and D2X cameras;
  • F165CA - Canon 430EX/430EX II Speedlite flash for 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, 5D, 5D Mark II cameras;
  • F160NI - Nikon SB800 Speedlight flash for D790S, D300, D200 cameras and Nikon SB600 Speedlight flash for D1, D2, D3, D3X, D700 cameras;
  • F160CA - Canon 550EX/580EX/580EX II Speedlite flash for Rebel XSi, XS, XTi, XT1i, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D cameras;
  • F170NI - Nikon SB900 Speedlight flash for D80, D90, D50, D60, D40, D70s cameras;
  • F170CA - Canon 550EX/580EX/580EX II Speedlite flash for 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, 5D, 5D Mark II cameras;
  • F175NI - Nikon SB900 Speedlight flash for D700, D300, D3X, D2X cameras;
  • F175CA - Canon 550EX/580EX/580EX II Speedlite flash for 1Ds, 1D, 1V cameras;
  • F179NI - Nikon SB900 Speedlight flash for D700, D300, D80, and D90 cameras;
  • F189NI - Nikon SB900 Speedlight flash for D1, D2, D3, and D3X cameras.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Portable USB Charger BM23 is pleased to offer its customers one of our newest products,  Portable USB Charger BM23. This versatile device can be used for powering up such USB-based devices as iPhones, iPads, SmartPhones, digital cameras, GPS, and MP3/4/5 players.   

The charger, also referred to as a power bank, has 5200 mAh capacity and has proven itself to be useful in situations such as being on a long airplane trip, a car ride, etc., when you don’t have access to a standard wall outlet to re-charge our devices.  The power bank is equipped with an LED digital screen that displays the charging status and the charger’s remaining capacity, one mini-USB input port, two output USB ports to power up two devices simultaneously, and a LED torch light. 

BM23 comes with an AC adapter and a 4.5-ft. USB cable for easy charging. BestBatt recommends charging your portable power bank as soon as you purchase it to keep the device ready to use.  When the power bank is fully charged, the display screen will show “FF”.  To start charging your iPhone, camera, or any other USB-based device, press the charger’s button twice to activate the power output. During charging, the screen will show the percentage of the charger’s remaining power, and the numbers will be dropping. Pressing the charger’s button once will stop the power output.  If the screen shows “01”, that means that BM23 is out of charge, and you should re-charge it.

The portable USB charger is available at in two colors, white and black, and is currently offered at 36USD.


Hasselblad Lunar Camera

At Photokina, Hasselblad has announced a pioneering plan to launch ‘Lunar’, a state-of-the-art, Italian-designed ‘ultimate luxury’ mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera early next year.
Journalists watched as the company showcased its ‘Lunar experience’ using latest ‘work-in-progress’ designs and wooden models, purpose-built to demonstrate Hasselblad’s  ‘ideal luxury camera’ vision. The camera will be available in different combinations of precious metals including titanium and carbon fibre – and also leather and wood.

Hasselblad’s advance into new market segments follows a ‘new-dawn’ technology collaboration agreement with Sony. The two iconic organizations will work together in ‘a merger of science and engineering talent’ aimed at achieving new technical and engineering breakthroughs.
Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad CEO and Chairman said:  “It has always been my ambition to enable all fans of the iconic Hasselblad brand to have an opportunity to own one of our cameras.”

Lunar main features include:

APS-C 24.3 Megapixel Sensor
- The most powerful sensor in its category
- Professional DSLR results in a compact camera
- Higher resolution than most DSLRcameras
- Same sensor size used by most DSLR cameras

New 25 AF points focusing
- Fast & precise contrast-detection AF
- User selectable Flexible spot
- Direct manual focus

BIONZ™ Processor
- Real time image processing
- Accurate RAW to JPEG translation
- Perfect match for the 24.3 Mpx sensor
Anti-Dust System
- Static-free sensor coating
- Sensor ultrasonic vibration
- Automatic and manual activation

10 frames per second
- Outstanding shooting speed
- Ideal for action shooting
- Priceless for family shooting

Wide ISO 100 – 16000 range
- Fast response for action shooting
- Great versatility in low light
- Extremely low-noise capturing
- Dual Noise Reduction System


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leica D-Lux 6 and V-Lux 40 Cameras

Other new Leica cameras showcased at Photokina are D-Lux 6 and V-Lux 40.

Leica D-Lux 6 Camera Features:

Fast and brilliant
The newly designed, extremely fast Leica DC-Vario-Summilux 4.7–17.7 mm f/1.4–2.3 ASPH. sets a new milestone in compact cameras with outstanding speed throughout its entire range of focal lengths from 24 to 90 mm (35 mm equivalent). The combination of this lens with the new 1.7" CMOS image sensor enables the creation of absolutely brilliant, high-contrast images with even greater depth of field, more precise details and more natural colour rendition – everything the user expects from a Leica. Whether for portraits, landscapes, architectural and macro photography or the typical Leica wide-angle photo-reportage style – the D-Lux 6 is the perfect camera for capturing brilliant images.

Creative freedom
Shooting with a Leica means one thing in particular: the sheer joy of photography.
And that is precisely what’s offered by the intuitive handling and clearly laid out functions of the Leica D-Lux 6. A click wheel lets users quickly and easily select the distance, shutter speed and exposure corrections. The new aperture setting feature on the lens barrel enables even more direct control, as is the case with the new second dial: this enables manual focusing and the addition of an ND filter, for example, to allow slower shutter speeds for intentional motion blur even in intense light. Its smart snapshot mode and programme AE are ideal for spontaneous shots and are a valuable aid for less experienced photographers.

Classic design
Just like its predecessors, the new Leica D-Lux 6 combines classic elegance with premium materials.
Finished completely in black, only a few chromed elements set discreet counterpoints and refine the clarity of its design. A true Leica – at first sight. However, its premium-quality character is not defined by design alone. Its silky-smooth, black anodised exterior encases a rugged and compact metal body which ensures both robustness and excellent grip.

Accessories: a camera with system character
For even more photographic freedom, the compact D-Lux 6 can be complemented with an extensive range of accessories.
The new electronic high-resolution viewfinder (1.4 megapixel), the detachable flash unit perfectly matched to D-Lux cameras, the handgrip and other useful accessories transform the Leica D-Lux 6 into a camera with system character – for enhanced performance, greater creative latitude and even more of the unique pleasure of photography.

Battery used: BP-DC 10 carries the following accessories for D-Lux 6:
1. Universal BP-DC10 battery;
2. Universal charger for BP-DC10 battery.

Leica V-Lux 40 Compact Camera Features:

Extensive range of focal lenghts

As with all Leica lenses, the V-Lux 40's new Leica DC Vario-Elmar 4.3-86 mm f/3.3-6.4 ASPH. (24-480 mm equivalent) is a true masterpiece. The enormous range of focal lengths of this 20× optical zoom lens, for both still and video capture, spans a 24 mm super-wide angle to a 480 mm super-telephoto. High-precision aspherical lenses in combination with its new, 1/2.33" CMOS image sensor guarantee outstanding results.

Full HD-quality video
The impressive Full-HD videos captured by the V-Lux 40 deliver a perfect rendition of the details of even the fastest-moving subjects. This is made possible by recording in AVCHD format with 1920 × 1080 pixels at 50 full frames per second. New: Videos can now also be saved in Internet-friendly MP4 format and can be uploaded directly to social media or mobile devices, for example, without the need for conversion. Outstanding audio quality is ensured, thanks to an integrated stereo microphone with built-in wind-noise filter.

Integrated GPS functions
Its integrated GPS module also makes the V-Lux 40 the ideal camera for travelling. It not only records the location and time in the Exif data of each image file, but also displays any interesting sights to be seen in the surrounding area. The DVD included in the package contains maps of important cities and regions. These can be transferred to an SD card and uploaded to the camera to assist with directions in unfamiliar locations. Thumbnail images can also be stored within these maps.

Battery used: BP-DC7 rechargeable li-ion battery carries the following accessories for V-Lux 40 camera:

1. Universal BP-DC7 battery;
2. BP-DC7 battery charger kit.

Source: Leica

Leica V-Lux 4 Camera

Leica V-Lux 4 superzoom is a new addition to the company's line of compact cameras. The camera features fast (f/2.8) lens for shooting clear pictures even in poor light, 25 to 600 mm zoom range, a new electronic viewfinder, rotatable 3" LCD monitor screen, and full-HD recording at up to 60 frames per second. The camera is currently available in Europe for €699.

Enormous Range of Focal Lengths
The newly designed high-performance 24× super-tele-zoom lens of the Leica V-Lux 4 has an enormous range of focal lengths ranging from 25 to 600 mm (35 mm equivalent). With its constant maximum aperture of f/2.8 throughout the entire zoom range, the Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 4.5–108 mm f/2.8 ASPH. guarantees pin- sharp images even at high ISO settings and considerable distances. In addition to this, its new 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor ensures outstanding still-picture and video quality with a high dynamic range and natural, perfectly saturated colours.

New High-Resolution Viewfinder
Thanks to a new electronic viewfinder, photographers can now perfectly assess image framing and exposure settings, even in brightly lit situations. The viewfinder has an impressively high resolution of 1.3 megapixels, shows 100% of the image frame and displays exactly the same exposure setting information as the camera’s monitor screen. Thanks to its magnification function, users can zoom in on details of their subjects, while a dioptre compensation setting makes it ideal for use by spectacle wearers.

Video in Full-HD Quality
The V-Lux 4 captures full-HD video in AVCHD format with 1920 × 1080 pixels and 60 full frames per second. Thanks to the new sensor and its ability to capture faster frame rates, even fast-moving subjects are captured and reproduced in outstanding detail. Videos can now also be saved in the Internet-friendly MP4 format and can be uploaded directly to social media or mobile devices, for example, without the need for conversion. An integrated stereo microphone with a built-in wind-noise filter ensures outstanding audio quality.

Sensationally fast
Speed is the utmost priority in the V-Lux 4: the autofocus system reacts in less than a tenth of a second and reliably captures fast-moving subjects. Its continuous-frame rate is also impressive: it delivers consecutive burst shooting at a rate of up to 12 frames per second at full resolution. At a reduced resolution of 2.5 megapixels, it records at a fantastic 60 frames per second. Users can capture every action and important moment, even when shooting sports or wildlife.

Source: Leica carries the following accessories for Leica V-Lux 4:

1. Universal BP-DC7 battery;
2. BP-DC7 battery charger kit.

Leica M Camera

At Photokina, Leica announced today the introduction of Leica M camera. The camera features a new 24 MP CMOS sensor, a new Gorilla glass 3" 920K-dot display, realtime Live View mode, full HD (1080p) video capture, the Leica's trademark shutter speed dial control, a full-size hot shoe with an accessory connector for the EVF 2 attachement, and built-in GPS. The camera is expected to hit stores in the beginning of next year.

Leica Max 24 MP Sensor for maximum imaging quality
The Leica M features a completely newly designed high-resolution, 24 megapixel CMOS sensor in full 35 mm format. The combination of the camera’s image processor and this Leica Max 24 MP sensor guarantees outstanding imaging quality. Its intelligent design and flat pixel architecture enables each individual pixel to gather a particularly large amount of light. This results in images characterised by superior sharpness and maximum spatial resolution. The new M delivers extremely low-noise and richly detailed images, even at higher sensitivities of up to ISO 6400. And now, thanks to the 1080 pixel, full-HD video capability of the Leica M, the impressive imaging quality is available for moving pictures, too. The new CMOS sensor is designed and constructed for the use of both Leica M and R lenses on the Leica M. Because, with the new Leica R-Adapter M, almost all Leica-R legacy lenses can be used on the Leica M expanding the options of the Leica M into the world of Leica R photography.

Fast Leica Maestro image processor
In conjunction with the new sensor, the Leica Maestro processor lets the Leica M set entirely new standards in terms of image-processing speed. It processes the image data arriving from the sensor and transforms them into visible images at extremely high speeds and can also perform even the most complex processing steps very fast. Thanks to the energy-efficient imaging electronics of the processor and sensor, a single charge of the Leica M’s new 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery can last an extremely long time.

Universal capabilities with Live View and the electronic viewfinder
The new Leica M is the first ever M to feature Live View and Live View Focusing. This means that now, for the first time, images can be composed using the actual image produced by the lens – with complete control of depth of field, exposure, precise framing and focusing. Its large, high-resolution 3" monitor allows precise assessment of the subject seen through the lens. This opens up entirely new opportunities for M-Photographers that previously lay far beyond the limitations of rangefinder photography, like macro and telephoto exposures, or using the monitor as a viewfinder.
Live View can be used with both M and R lenses. Indirectly, it also enables owners of R lenses to use the optional Visoflex EVF2 electronic viewfinder. The Leica M can be used with an R-Adapter, R-Lenses and a viewfinder exactly like an SLR, without using the monitor.

Splash-proof camera body
Thanks to the many years of experience gathered by our engineers in the construction of camera bodies, the new Leica M is built without compromise for maximum stability and perfect sealing. Its top and base plates are machined from solid brass, and its full-metal body is manufactured in one piece from high-strength magnesium alloy. Specially designed rubber seals protect the camera body against dust and water spray. The glass covering plate of its high-resolution monitor screen is manufactured from particularly tough and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® glass. All this makes the Leica M particularly resilient and helps guarantee it a long and reliable working life.

All the new features of the Leica M at a glance

- Outstanding image quality thanks to newly developed LEICA MAX CMOS Sensor
- Extended applications with Live View and electronic viewfinder
- Simple, high-precision focusing thanks to Live View focus and focus peaking
- Digital fullframe for Leica R lenses, with the Leica R-Adapter M
- "Leica Look" videos with Full HD video capture (1080p)
- Enhanced sensitivity range up to ISO 6400
- 3" display with 920,000 pixels, Corning® Gorilla® glass screen protector
- Fast image processing by the Leica Maestro image processor
- Splash protected body
- Extremely long battery life
- Multi-pattern and spot exposure metering
- Revised ergonomics and controls

Friday, September 14, 2012

Panasonic AG-HPX600 P2 HD Camcorder

Panasonic's new shoulder-mount professional camcorder, AG-HPX600 P2 HD, unveiled for the first time in April, is going to hit the shelves this month and is priced at 14,950 USD.

Panasonic AG-HPX600 P2 HD camcorder

Full specifications

Delivery: Panasonic’s New $14,950 P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder
Options include AVC-Ultra recording

SECAUCUS, N.J.: Panasonic announced today that its new AG-HPX600 P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorder with 10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording will deliver this month at a suggested list price of $14,950. The AG-HPX600 accommodates a variety of interchangeable lenses. The main unit weighs 6.2 pounds. Power consumption is 18W. Key camera functions can be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone.

The HPX600 has a newly-developed MOS sensor, with options such as wireless metadata input, proxy recording and variable frame rates available upon delivery; AVC-Ultra and microP2 card upgradability are planned. In 2013, AVC-Ultra will offer master-quality and/or low-bit-rate 10-bit, 4:2:2 recording in full HD to meet a variety of user needs from mastering to transmission (the AG-HPX600 will not support all AVC-Ultra formats).

The HPX600 also features wireless and wired connection ability with Wi-Fi, USB and Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, an option will support LiveU for video uplink with real time indication of LiveU’s transmission status and video transmission quality to camera operator.

The camcorder can record in AVC-Intra100/50, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV, and the unit is 50 Hz and 59.94 Hz switchable. The interchangeable lens camcorder will be equipped with Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC); Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function to help compensate for wide variations in lighting; and “a highly accurate flash band detection and compensation algorithm that minimizes this effect,” Panasonic said.

It features two P2 card slots and one SD card slot, a side LCD display, optional hi-res 16:9 viewfinder; a simplified waveform and vectorscope; a 10-pin remote terminal enabling remote camera operation, and an optional studio system.

Other options include a $1,600 encoder board for hi-res proxy video recording; a $1,500 software key and module for wired or wireless streaming; a $1,000 software key for variable frame-rate shooting and 24 PsF output; and a $1,950 HD/SD-SDI input board. An optional AG-CVF10G Color HD Viewfinder will be available this month at a suggested list price of $2,500.

Source: TV Technology

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nikon D600 Camera

Nikon announces the release of its new camera, Nikon D600. The D600 features a 24.3 MP, 35.9 x 24mm CMOS sensor, 100% coverage veiwfinder, 39-point AF system, HDMI port for streaming uncompressed video footage, optional Wi-Fi unit that can be controlled from Android or iOS devices. This camera gives users the ability to record 1080p HD at 30, 25, or 24 frames per second rates.
Nikon D600 Camera

Press Release: September 13, 2012
Performance that Fuels the Passion: The New Nikon D600 Puts FX-Format in Focus for Photo Enthusiasts
As Nikon's Smallest, Lightest and Most Affordable Full-Frame HD-SLR, the D600 Packs in Powerful, Pro-Grade Photo and Video Features with Wireless Sharing and Capture Capabilities

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the 24.3-megapixel (MP) D600, a camera that is designed to deliver the image quality and performance benefits of a full frame FX-format sensor to the enthusiast looking to take their dedication to the next level. The Nikon D600 offers a remarkable value, merging the perfect combination of a lightweight, compact form factor and superior image quality, making the leap into FX-format photography more attractive than ever.

Whether shooting stills or Full HD video, advanced features and Nikon technologies like the newly developed high resolution CMOS sensor and EXPEED 3 image processing engine are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding creative vision. Additionally, Nikon’s new optional WU-1b wireless adapter allows users to shoot high quality HD-SLR images and transfer them to their mobile device, making it easier to stay connected, without the need for wires.

“For many, image making is so much more than a hobby; it is a way of life that changes the way the world is perceived. The Nikon D600 represents a new category of camera for this user and demonstrates Nikon’s devotion to the passionate photographer who is always looking for new ways to express their creativity through their photos and HD videos,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “By offering users the advanced FX-format and key features inherited from our professional cameras, along with new functions like optional wireless capabilities, Nikon is inspiring photographers by providing an imaging experience that satisfies like never before.“

Superior Image Quality
Nikon’s FX-format offers photographers exciting image quality possibilities, from dazzling dynamic range and exacting detail to stellar low-light ability. The D600 employs Nikon’s newly developed, large 24.3 MP FX-format CMOS Sensor (35.9 x 24mm) to offer photographers a versatile camera that provides amazing image quality and sharpness, with ample resolution to tackle almost any project. Because the needs of the advanced amateur varies widely, the new CMOS sensor provides a wide ISO range from 100-6400 (expandable from 50-25,600) to give photographers maximum low-light flexibility yielding clean images with minimal noise and accurate color. The full ISO range can also be used while capturing HD video in challenging light. Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED 3 image processing engine interprets the massive amount of image data flowing from the sensor to quickly process images and HD video. The result is striking images and impressive HD video that exhibits faithful color reproduction and tonal range throughout the frame.

Precision Technology Engineered for the Enthusiast
Enthusiasts of all types demand the best from their gear, and the Nikon D600 is a camera engineered with intuitive features that give photographers an edge in the field. Whether shooting lush landscapes, action sports or the elusive animals of the Serengeti, Nikon’s Scene Recognition System and 2,016 pixel RGB sensor excels in any situation. By recognizing the scene prior to capture, the system meticulously analyzes factors such as color and brightness with extraordinary precision and compares all the data using Nikon’s exclusive 30,000 image database. The result is enhanced AF performance and flattering exposures.

For precise AF performance in a wide variety of shooting conditions, the D600 features a 39 point AF system with the new MultiCAM 4800FX AF module. This AF array is well suited to a wide variety of shooting styles and disciplines, offering AF modes to let users select a single point, continuous AF, Dynamic AF or use 3D tracking to keep pace with a moving subject throughout the frame. Additionally, the system features nine cross type sensors for maximum accuracy, while seven AF points are fully functional when using compatible NIKKOR lenses and teleconverters with an aperture value up to f/8 for extreme telephoto applications.

To keep up with action sports, active wildlife or the photo opportunity that unexpectedly arises, the D600 is ready to shoot in 0.13 seconds, with a 0.052 second shutter release.  The camera emphasizes speed and performance, from overall operation and image processing, helped in part by the exceptional EXPEED 3 processing engine. The camera is also capable of bursts of images at 5.5 frames per second (fps) at full resolution with full AF, to capture decisive moments. To further enhance speed and workflow, images and video can also be rapidly transferred to dual SD card slots that are compatible with the latest SDXC and UHS-1 high speed standards.

Enthusiasts will also appreciate other thoughtful features made to appeal to more advanced photographers, such as the 100% frame coverage seen through optical viewfinder. The wide and bright view makes it easy to compose in a variety of conditions, and affords the ability to enjoy shooting for hours on end with minimal eye fatigue. Additionally, the D600 features several scene modes and features to enhance creativity, including one-touch access to Picture Control functions through a new dedicated button. Photographers can also shoot images in High Dynamic (HDR) mode for amazing highlights, and create awe-inspiring time lapses with ease.

Experience Full HD
The Nikon D600 has advanced video features that are ideal for those ready to embrace the world of HD-SLR video, as well as those already enjoying its benefits such as manual control, depth of field, low-light ability and lensing options. This camera gives users the ability to record Full HD at varying frame rates and resolutions including 1080p video at 30, 25 or 24p, and 720p video at 60, 50 and 30p. When shooting HD video at the highest quality setting, up to 20 minutes can be recorded, or up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds in normal quality for added convenience when shooting static shots such as interviews and events. The large 3.2-inch 921K dot LCD screen makes it easy to preview images or video captured, navigate the menu system or confirm critical HD focus, while automatic brightness control adapts seamlessly to changing lighting conditions.

Sophisticated video features help to increase the production value on any project, including full manual control of exposure, and the ability to switch between FX and DX-format (1.5X) at Full HD for a telephoto boost and alter depth of field. Users can opt to focus manually or can take advantage of the full-time AF while recording to help ensure faces are in focus or track a moving subject. Additionally, videographers have the ability to capture audio with the onboard microphone or record stereo audio externally using the mic input. Audio can be monitored through the headphone jack and levels can be displayed on the LCD with peaking.

In addition to the ability to play back HD video and images through the HDMI terminal, users are also able to experience pro-grade video features in the Nikon D600. For monitoring and streaming applications, the image can be displayed on the LCD screen while simultaneously shown on another monitor through the HDMI, with or without shooting data. What’s more, the D600 adds the ability to transfer uncompressed video via the HDMI connection, which can then be routed to a digital recorder or similar device. 

Remote Sharing and Capture
Photography is a form of expression, which can now be shared more ways than ever before through social networks and online communities. To accompany the D600, Nikon has also announced the optional WU-1b Wireless Adapter that allows users to connect wirelessly to the camera. A companion Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility application for Android™ based mobile devices is also available at no additional cost. 1 Furthermore, an application for the iPhone® and iPad® mobile digital devices will be available on September 15, 2012.2 

When connected, users are able to share their images taken with the D600 through their mobile device to their social circles, as well as send and download images from their camera to a compatible device.3 The adapter also allows users to remotely fire the D600’s shutter from up to 50 feet from the camera, which is ideal for capturing photos from unique vantage points.

NIKKOR, Speedlight and System Compatibility
Supporting the D600 is Nikon’s heritage in optical excellence, more than 70 NIKKOR AF and AF-S compatible lenses for maximum versatility. Those with DX-format lenses will also be happy to know that these lenses can also be used on the camera as well as the ability to set DX crop for stills or video to extend the reach of telephoto or telephoto zoom lenses.

The new Nikon HD-SLR is also a gateway to Nikon’s renowned Creative Lighting System (CLS) which illuminates a whole new world of creative image making using multiple Speedlights. A built-in Speedlight commander can control multiple Speedlights such as Nikon’s SB-700, SB-910 or Wireless Close Up Speedlight System, and the camera can also control up to two individual speedlight groups for further creative control.

Constructed to Inspire
Built to withstand the wide variety of shooting conditions enthusiasts face, the body of the D600 is sealed and gasketed against dirt and moisture. The camera uses magnesium alloy top and rear construction to provide a lightweight camera with maximum durability. The shutter has been tested for 150,000 cycles, and sensor cleaning is also employed. The battery is rated for approximately 900 shots, affording photographers the ability to shoot all day. Additionally, the optional MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack extends the grip for comfort and can effectively double the battery capacity when using two batteries.

The D600 is also built with an emphasis on handling with thoughtful ergonomics and button placement, in a body that is compact enough to carry comfortably on any excursion. The hand grip has been improved for comfort, while the overall impression from using the camera is reassuringly solid. To avoid accidental engagement, the shutter button has been recessed, while the Mode Dial can be locked.

Price and Availability
The Nikon D600 will be available on September 18, 2012 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $2,099.95*, for body only, or with the AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR for the SRP of $2,699.95*. The WU-1b will be also available on September 18, 2012 for an SRP of $59.95*. The MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack will be available in late September for an SRP of $322.00*. For more information on the new Nikon D600 and other Nikon products, please visit

Source: Nikon carries the following accessories for D600 camera:

1. EN-EL15 battery;
2. EN-EL15 battery charger.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sony Alpha NEX-6 Camera

Sony has announced the arrival of its Alpha NEX-6 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and additional lenses for its NEX cameras. NEX-6 features include 16.1 MP APS-C sensor, up to 25600 ISO, built-in OLED viewfinder, Quick Navi control panel, an external mode dial, and ISO-standard hot shoe.

Press Release:
SAN DIEGO, Sept 12, 2012 – With a brand new, sleek design and enhanced control capabilities, the new Sony NEX-6 camera packs all the imaging power, shooting responsiveness, handling and operability of a DSLR into a pocket-sized mirrorless camera.

The newest addition to Sony’s acclaimed E-mount camera line-up includes Fast Hybrid AF, Wi-Fi capabilities and the Play Memories Camera Apps™ platform recently introduced on Sony’s new NEX-5R model, as well as the same high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ viewfinder found on the flagship NEX-7 model. Additionally, the NEX-6 adds a standard DSLR-style mode dial for fast, simple navigation between settings.

“Put simply, we are revolutionizing the world of compact system cameras,” said Mike Kahn, director of the alpha camera business at Sony Electronics. “With the NEX-6, we’ve brought a full DSLR experience – fast focus, enhanced control and an “eye-level” shooting style - to consumers at a fraction of the size and weight. Add the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and our innovative Play Memories Camera Apps platform, and it becomes a truly compelling product unlike anything else in market today. It’s the perfect balance of size, performance quality.”

The camera’s large Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor offers 16.1 effective megapixels for true DSLR-quality images and detail-packed Full HD video. It’s teamed with a powerful BIONZ® image processor that ensures flawless, low-noise images at extended sensitivity settings up to ISO 25600. 

The innovative Fast Hybrid AF system* combines phase- and contrast-detect AF methods. It uses 99 phase-detection AF points arrayed on the image sensor to detect a subject’s distance and direction to quickly lock focus on it, and then utilizes contrast-detection AF to confirm extremely fine focus detail. In Speed Priority Continuous shooting mode, the camera automatically switches to phase detection tracking AF to track fast-moving action accurately in each frame at up to 10 frames per second.

As with the flagship NEX-7 camera, the NEX-6 model features an XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ EVF for precision framing and focusing. This 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder gives a bright, detail-packed, high contrast view of still images and video, with 100% frame coverage and a wide field of view to rival pro-grade optical viewfinders. On-screen grid lines and a digital level gauge can be displayed to assist with accurate framing.

The high-quality OLED Tru-Finder™ EVF is complemented by a 3.0” Xtra Fine LCD™ display that can be angled up to 90° up or 45° down (approx.) for easy viewing in virtually any shooting position. The LCD screen ensures superb detail and contrast with significantly reduced on-screen reflections, aiding composition when shooting outdoors or in direct light.

New for the NEX-6 camera is a strategically-positioned mode dial on its top, similar to those found on traditional DSLR cameras, giving photographers easy access to commonly used shooting modes including P/A/S/M and Sweep Panorama™ mode. The camera also has mode-dependent control dial (located underneath the mode dial) plus a separate control wheel on the camera back for fine adjustments of exposure, ISO, white balance and other settings.

Also inherited from high-end A-mount cameras, a “Function” key and pro-focused Quick Navi interface allows fingertip adjustment of settings without taking the viewfinder away from the shooter’s eye. Alongside a handy pop-up flash, there’s a versatile new Multi Interface Shoe that’s capable of ‘intelligent’ linkage with various accessories.

Full HD movie shooting is enhanced on the NEX-6 camera with a new Auto Slow Shutter feature that adds extra detail to low-light clips. The camera detects dim interiors and night scenes and automatically selects a slower shutter speed to brighten footage.

Wi-Fi Sharing and New Camera Apps
Shared with the NEX-5R model, integrated Wi-Fi on the NEX-6 camera allows photos to be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet running Sony’s free PlayMemories Mobile™ app (free of charge), available on both Android™ and Apple iOS platforms. Additionally, content can be directly uploaded from the camera to Facebook® using a Wi-Fi connection and the new “Direct Upload” application, part of Sony’s new PlayMemories Camera Apps™ platform.

The PlayMemories Camera Apps platform is the world’s first application download service in an interchangeable lens camera that allows consumers to install new functions on demand, tailoring their cameras to fit personal shooting needs. The service can be accessed over Wi-Fi or when the camera is connected directly to a PC via USB.**

Available apps at launch, outside of “Direct Upload”, will include “Picture Effect+”, “Multi Frame NR” and “Smart Remote Control.”  A variety of other apps including “Bracket Pro”, “Photo Retouch”, “Time-Lapse” and “Cinematic Photo” are also planned for future release.

New Interchangeable Lenses for α E-mount Cameras

Sony has also introduced three new lenses for its E-mount line of interchangeable lens cameras, adding to the system’s flexibility.

The new SELP1650 lens is an extremely light, compact 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 powered zoom model that measures only 29.9 mm thick (when fully retracted) and contains built-in Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization for clearer handheld images. Additionally, it features a dual-function ring that controls both power zoom and manual focus, depending on the camera’s focus mode. With the camera set to AF the control ring adjusts smooth, high-speed zoom with small hand movements. With the camera in MF mode, the ring controls manual focus. A smooth power zoom dial makes the lens particularly useful for shooting video.

The new SEL35F18 lens is a wide aperture 35mm focal length model with a bright maximum aperture of f/1.8 and built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization. It offers excellent optical sharpness, clarity, and background defocus in both still images and HD video, and is exceptionally light and easy to carry.

The new SEL1018 lens is a super-wide angle zoom with a maximum aperture of f/4.0 across its range of 10-18mm and built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization. Adopting the super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass which reduces color aberration, the lens is capable of producing dramatic perspective effects and is ideal for shooting landscapes and interiors.

New accessories for NEX-6
The new stylish, leather LCS-ELC6 Soft Carrying Case is designed exclusively for use with the NEX-6 camera and attached SELP1650 or SEL16F28 lens. While attached, the case still allows use of a tripod as well as the camera's LCD screen to be tilted.

The new LCS-EJA Soft Carrying Case can be used for all α E-mount cameras, and is ideal for use with the new SELP1650 or SEL16F28 lens attached. It has internal pockets for storage of the lens cap as well as a spare memory card.

Pricing and Availability

The NEX-6 compact system camera will be available this November in a kit with the SELP1650 power zoom lens for about $1,000. It will also be offered as body-only for about $850.

The SELP1650 power zoom lens will be sold separately in January for about $350, and the SEL35F18 prime and SEL1018 wide angle lenses will be available this November for about $450 and $850, respectively.

The LCS-ELC6 and LCS-EJA soft carrying cases will be available this November for about $100 and $40, respectively.

Source: Sony carries the following accessories for Sony Alpha NEX-6:

1. NP-FW50 battery;
2. NP-FW50 battery charger
3.Two NP-FW50 batteries, one charger, and a mini-tripod combo.

Sony Alpha SLT A99 Camera

Sony has announced its flagship full frame interchangeable lens camera, Alpha SLT A99. The camera features a 24 MP 36x24mm CMOS sensor, Quick Navi interactive status panel as well as a 'silent' control dial, mic and headphone sockets and focus peaking to make the most of its 1080p 60 HD capability. The camera will hit the shelves in the beginning of November and will cost around $2,800.

Press Release: Sony Introduces New Full-Frame α99 Camera with Translucent Mirror Technology and Dual AF System

SAN DIEGO, Sept 12, 2012 – Sony’s long awaited α99 digital camera sets a new performance standard for professional-class DSLRs, combining all of the benefits of full-frame imaging with the responsiveness and speed of Translucent Mirror Technology.

The successor to Sony’s flagship α900 DSLR, the α99 camera features a brand new 24.3 MP full-frame image sensor, a unique dual phase-detect AF system and a host of other innovative technologies that work together to deliver the best image and full HD video quality in the history of Sony’s acclaimed line of α cameras.

“The new α99 camera is the ultimate combination of Sony’s expertise and rich history of image sensor production coupled with our truly innovative approach to camera design” said Mike Kahn, director of the alpha interchangeable lens camera division at Sony. “It redefines what can be accomplished with a full frame DSLR camera.”

New Levels of Imaging Performance and Response

The flagship α99 model combines its new 24.3 effective megapixel Exmor® CMOS sensor with a highly advanced BIONZ image processing engine, delivering unprecedented levels of performance in both still and video shooting.

The full frame sensor is enhanced by a newly-developed separate multi-segment optional low-pass filter, increasing its resolving power. Assisted by an all-new front-end LSI, the BIONZ engine can process massive amounts of image signal data from the sensor at very high speeds. Together with a powerful new area-specific noise reduction (NR) algorithm, it allows to the camera to achieve 14-bit RAW output, rich gradation and low noise.

The evolved BIONZ processor also gives the α99 model a maximum sensitivity range (in expanded sensitivity mode) as wide as ISO50 – 25600 – a range of nine stops. Its unprecedented processing power enables the camera to shoot a burst of images at up to six frames per second at full resolution or up to 10 fps in Tele-zoom high speed shooting mode.

The new α99 digital camera features a unique dual AF system, a world’s first for digital cameras. This camera’s main focusing system – a 19-point AF system with 11 cross sensors - is complemented by a 102-point focal plane phase-detection AF sensor overlaying the main image sensor. Harnessing the power of Translucent Mirror Technology, light is passed to both phase-detection AF sensors simultaneously and continually, measuring subject distance and position more completely than other cameras. This unique Dual AF System permits ultra-fast, accurate autofocusing that maintains tracking focus even if a subject temporarily leaves the frame.

The AF-D (depth) continuous autofocus mode* utilizes the Dual AF system for wider and more dense coverage of the frame, significantly improving AF performance with fast or erratically moving subjects against complex backgrounds. Additionally, during movie shooting, AF Duration control provides reliable depth focusing information and ensures that the camera maintains proper focus on its subject when objects or people cross the focal plane.

A new AF range control allows photographers to manually select foreground and background distance to which the AF system will not respond, especially useful for shooting fast moving sports or animals through a nearby wire mesh or in front of a complex background that commonly distracts camera AF systems.

Crafted for Videographers and Movie-makers

The new α99 camera’s video capabilities build on Sony’s expertise in developing professional motion picture cameras, combining the unmatched resolving power and sensitivity of the full-frame sensor with several advanced features optimized for professional video production.

The flagship α99 model is the first full-frame DSLR to offer Full HD 60p/24p progressive video recording to meet AVCHD™ Version 2.0 specifications and Full-time Continuous AF Movie mode, allowing smooth, non-stop tracking of moving subjects. Other enhancements include real-time Full HD video output via HDMI®, and uninterrupted ‘dual-card’ recording using both of the camera’s media slots.

For added convenience while shooting video, a new silent, programmable multi-control dial on the front of the camera body allows silent adjustment of common settings during shooting including exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, aperture and much more.

The camera’s audio features are designed to meet the demanding needs of serious videographers. An audio level display and adjustable audio record levels are joined by a headphone jack for accurate in-the-field monitoring.  Additionally, the multi-interface shoe provides balance audio input for the optional XLR-K1M adaptor kit, which adds a high-quality mono shotgun microphone and pro-standard XLR connections for dependable audio acquisition.

Uncompromised Handing for Advanced Photographers

The camera’s XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ viewfinder offers 100% frame coverage on the viewfinder screen with exceptional brightness, contrast, clarity and resolution, ensuring a detail-packed view of the desired scene and subject. The unique electronic viewfinder will also maintain a 100% field of view with DT lenses that are optimized for APS-C sensor cameras, converting the angle of view automatically for image recording and display.

Complementing the Tru-Finder EVF is a three-way tiltable 1229k-dot (VGA equivalent) XtraFine LCD™ display with WhiteMagic™ technology to boost overall screen brightness. It’s especially useful for framing and shooting with the LCD in outdoor, sunny conditions.

Despite its impressive pro-class credentials, the α99 camera is the world’s lightest 35 mm full-frame interchangeable-lens digital camera. Constructed of high-rigidity magnesium alloy panels, it weighs in at just 733g (without lens and battery). Translucent Mirror Technology, which eliminates the need for a full-frame moving mirror mechanism and heavy glass pentaprism, also contributes to the extremely light design.

Additionally, the camera is weather-sealed and all buttons and controls have been ruggedized. A redesigned shutter block, tested to approximately 200,000 releases, further ensures the camera’s stamina and reliability.

The camera’s enhanced ergonomics include a re-designed grip and differentiated designs of several switches and buttons that allow for intuitive fingertip operation. A new exposure mode dial lock prevents accidental rotation, and a newly-developed Quick Navi Pro interface gives quick, intuitive one-handed access to common shooting parameters and controls.

The new model can also be operated via remote PC connection. Supported functions include switching between still and video shooting plus automatic transfer of still images from camera to PC for an improved studio workflow.

Designed for Professionals: New α Lens and Accessories

The full-frame imaging capabilities of the α99 camera make it an ideal partner for the new 300mm F2.8 G SSM II (SAL300F28G2) lens. Designed for demanding sports and wildlife applications, this bright super-telephoto offers a significantly improved optical design and handling compared with its predecessor. The Sony-developed Nano AR Coating assures flawless still images and HD video with reduced flare and ghosting, offering enhanced contrast. Further, a new LSI drive circuit offers faster, more accurate autofocus with enhanced subject tracking. The new lens is also dust- and moisture-resistant, making it an ideal candidate for the toughest outdoor shooting assignments.

Additionally, a new wide-aperture Carl Zeiss® A-mount prime lens is now under development. Optimized for superb results with the camera’s new 35mm full frame image sensor, the Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM will be available next spring.

Offered exclusively for the α99 camera, the brand-new VG-C99AM vertical grip can house and manage three batteries in total (including the camera’s own on-board battery). Resistant to dust and moisture, the grip is ideal for lengthy shooting sessions in the studio or outdoors.

The brand new, range-leading HVL-F60M is a powerful flash (GN60, in meters at ISO 100) with built-in LED light that’s ideal for creative applications with still image or movie shooting. Smart functions include wireless multi-flash ratio control and Sony’s unique Quick Shift Bounce adjustment, while operation can be controlled quickly via the flash’s intuitive Quick Navi system. Also resistant to dust and moisture, the HVL-F60M flash comes supplied with a bounce adaptor for flash and a color conversion filter for use with LED lighting.

Compatible with 49mm and 55mm diameter lenses, the new HVL-RL1 Ring Light offers highly effective LED illumination of small subjects and is ideal for macro shooting**. Its high output level (approx. 700 lx/0.3m) is approximately four times brighter than the previous model, and operation can be switched between full-ring illumination and half-ring illumination.

The new XLR-K1M XLR Adaptor Kit is designed to meet the most demanding audio needs. It provides two pro-standard XLR terminals for connecting the α99 camera with professional microphones and mixing consoles and offers MIC/LINE input selection and separate adjustment of two channel levels to maximize operating flexibility. The adaptor kit comes supplied with Sony professional ECM-XM1 monaural shotgun microphone, but may also be used with a wide range of professional microphones. An optional bracket is required when using the XLR-K1M kit with the α99 model.

The RMT-DSLR2 Remote Commander allows wireless shutter release for still images and start/stop control of video shooting. It’s compatible with the new α99 models as well as other α A-mount and E-mount cameras that include a remote control receiver.

Styled to reduce carrying fatigue, the new LCS-BP3 Backpack can hold the α99 camera body, an attached telephoto zoom lens plus the VG-A99AM vertical grip as well as three to four spare lenses, accessories and a laptop up to 15.5”.

The ADP-MAA is a new shoe adaptor that allows Multi Interface Shoe cameras to be used with Auto-lock Accessory Shoe accessories. This adaptor will be supplied with the new HVL-60M flash and HVL-RL1 ring light mentioned above. Conversely, the ADP-AMA shoe adaptor allows Auto-lock Accessory Shoe cameras to be used with Multi Interface Shoe accessories.

Lastly, the PCK-LM14 Screen Protector Semi Hard Sheet safeguards the camera’s LCD screen against dust, scratches and fingerprints, and is supplied with a separate protector sheet for the top display panel.

Sony’s new SDXC memory UHS-1 memory card, SF-64UX (64 GB) is ideal for burst shooting with the α99. It’s ultra-high speed interface (UHS-1) compatibility offers high transfer speeds up to 94 MB/s (read) and rapid data rates when transferring large RAW files of video files to PC. The new cards are water-resistant and designed to perform under a wide range of operating temperatures. For additional data integrity, Sony’s File Rescue Software can help recover photos and videos that may have been accidentally deleted.

The SAL300GF28G2 lens will be available this November for about $7500.

The VCG-C99AM vertical grip, HVL-F60M flash and HVL-RL1 ring light will be available this October for about $380, $550 and $350, respectively. The XLR -K1M XLR adaptor kit and RMT-DSLR2 remote commander will also be available in October for about $800 and $30, respectively.

The LCS-BP3 backpack and PCK-LM14 screen protector will be available in October as well for about $160 and $17, respectively.

Source: Sony carries the following accessories for Sony Alpha A99:

1. NP-FM500H battery;
2. AC-PW10A AC power adapter;
3. NP-FM500H battery charger.

Sony Cyber-shot RX1 Camera

Sony is introducing the Cyber-shot® DSC-RX1, the world's first fixed lens digital camera to sport a 35mm full-frame sensor. The camera is perfectly pocketable so that you can easily take it wherever you roam to capture 24.3-megapixel photos and Full HD video. The camera is expected to be available around December 19th and will cost $2,800.

Camera's features include:

24.3 MP 35 mm Full Frame Sensor
A whole new world of high-quality images are realized through the 24.3 MP effective 35 mm full-frame sensor, a normal sensor range of ISO 100 – 25600, and a sophisticated balance of high resolving power, gradation and low noise. The BIONZ® image processor enables up to 5 fps high-speed continuous shooting and 14-bit RAW image data recording.

Full HD 24p video
Full HD 24p video with manual control and audio input.¹ For creative flexibility while shooting movies and stills, users can enter Program Auto (P), Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Speed Priority (S) or Manual Exposure (M) mode for manual shooting and exposure control. Enjoy clear sound recording and playback via built-in stereo microphone and mono speaker. Additionally, an optional microphone can be plugged into the camera.

 Full frame burst shooting
High speed continuous shooting at up to 5 frames per second (fps) is made possible by the BIONZ®processor and 24 megapixel sensor.

Quick Navi
Quick Navi enhances direct control of your favorite functions. Pressing the Fn button activates Quick Navi, which allows the user to check camera settings at a glance and promptly change settings without having to search for dedicated menus.

Expandable with multi interface shoe
The multi interface shoe allows easy connection with wide-ranging accessories expanding the range of photographic expression. Available accessories include a powerful external flash unit, electronic viewfinder.

Dual-aspect ratio recording for still images
Capture still images in either 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratio. This provides the freedom to choose a ratio that matches the scene or the specific shooting purpose.

Four focusing modes
This camera has two Autofocus modes: Single-shot AF (AF-S) or Continuous AF (AF-C), which tracks moving objects. It also has Manual Focus for manual focusing freedom, and Direct Manual Focus (DMF), that first uses autofocusing to focus on the subject, and then allows fast and easy switching to manual focusing for even more precise adjustment.

Creative Style settings
Control how the camera processes your images with 15 finishing styles: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Twilight, Night View, Autumn Leaves, B&W, Sepia, Sunset, Portrait and Landscape. You can even fine-tune contrast, saturation3 , and sharpness to your personal taste.

Face Detection/ Registration technology
The camera can automatically detect and register up to eight individual faces and adjust focus, exposure, white balance and flash to help deliver crisp, properly lit images of family and friends. Can prioritize children or adults

Bright F2.0 Carl Zeiss® Sonnar T* lens
Newly developed large-diameter F2.0 Carl Zeiss® Sonnar T* lens delivers refined background defocusing – bokeh, and macro capabilities. A premium multi-layered T* coating also dramatically reduces ghost and flare caused by light reflection

Multi-frame NR
Experience incredible low-light shooting without a flash. The camera captures six images in a fraction of a second. Combining the data from all six, it creates a single image with a reduction in noise equivalent to two additional steps of ISO sensitivity. Sensitivity selectable up to ISO 25600. (Recommended for still subjects.)

Three control lens rings
Full manual operation is intuitive on the RX1. Users can keep their eyes on the subject and concentrate on the composition while comfortably adjusting the dedicated aperture, focusing, and macro switching rings.

Memory recall
MR (memory recall) mode can memorize up to three groups of the user's preferred settings. Settings include zoom magnification, white balance, exposure compensation, shutter speed, drive mode and metering modes. This enables quick switching of settings at the right moment.

3” Xtra Fine LCD™ Display
The 3” (1,229k dots) Xtra Fine LCD™ Display makes it easy to scroll through menus and preview live Picture Effects. WhiteMagic™ technology increases visibility in bright daylight. The large display delivers brilliant-quality still images and movies while enabling easy focusing operation.

Built in pop up flash
Enjoy the convenience of flash photography everywhere you go. Guide number is approximately 6*. Choose from Auto, Slow Sync, Rear Sync, Fill-flash and Flash Off modes.

Digital level gauge
Digital level gauge to allow easier leveling of the camera

Picture Effect mode
Realize your creative potential with Picture Effect, a fun and simple way to convert ordinary landscapes and portraits come to life by heightening mood and emphasizing certain attributes. Effects are Soft Focus, Posterization, Retro Photo, High Contrast Monochrome, Rich-tone Monochrome, Miniature, Soft High-key, Toy Camera, Pop Color, Partial Color, Watercolor Painting, HDR Painting, and Illustration.

Auto portrait framing
Simply photograph a person and Auto Portrait Framing will save an additional, optimally framed image in portrait or landscape orientation. Combining Face Detection and By Pixel Super Resolution technologies with rule of thirds, Auto Portrait Framing provides beautifully composed and appealingly balanced full resolution portraits.

World’s first fixed lens 35mm camera
The DSC-RX1 is the world’s first fixed lens 35 mm full-frame digital camera which offers an uncompromising design that focuses on an intuitive, user-friendly operation. The camera fits in the palm of a hand and allows users to carry it nearly everywhere to capture any shooting opportunity that arises.

High speed Auto Focus
Focus as fast as 0.13 seconds with high speed AF. To improve focusing speed and sensitivity, the Exmor® CMOS sensor uses its rapid throughput to deliver high-quality image signals to the camera’s BIONZ® processor, which provides intelligent response data to a new high speed actuator motor in the lens. The result is fast, DSLR-like focusing speeds even in low light.

Conveniently placed dials
Quick access to conveniently placed exposure compensation and focus mode dials.

Nine aperture blades
Nine aperture blades form a nearly perfect circle throughout the normally used aperture range of F2 to F22, resulting in background defocusing that is smooth and genuinely beautiful.

Auto HDR mode
Captures more scene dynamic range than a single exposure can handle—and more range than photo film. Combines the best highlight detail from one shot, the best mid-tones from a second and the best shadow detail from a third for one incredible shot (up to 6 EV stops), all in a split second. (Recommended for still subjects.)

Capture JPEG files, RAW files, or both
The DSC-RX1 saves pictures as compact JPEG files and/or ultra-high quality RAW files. RAW files save images prior to de-mosaicing, white balance, sharpness and color enhancement. This retains maximum latitude for enhancing the image on your PC.

MF assist and peaking
Manual focus becomes much easier because peaking highlights the edges that are in focus in your choice of three colors (white, red, or yellow). This is especially helpful during macro or portrait photography where your focus setting can make or break your shot.

Sweep Panorama™ Mode
Capture expansive landscapes automatically. Press the shutter, sweep vertically or horizontally. The camera does the rest, continuously shooting images and stitching them together.

Intelligent Scene Recognition mode
Intelligent Scene Recognition (iSCN) Mode automatically detects 33 different types of scenes for photos and 44 scenes for movies, and then selects the appropriate camera settings. In Auto Mode, the camera takes a single shot using the optimal settings. In Advanced Mode, the camera takes a photo with the optimal settings and, if in difficult lighting (low light or back light) immediately takes a second photo with another optimized setting so you can choose which to keep.

Source: Sony carries the following accessories for Sony RX1:

1. NP-BX1 battery;
2. NP-BX1 battery charger.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sony PMW-160 Camcorder and PMW-50 SxS Field Deck

"Sony has announced that it is expanding its XDCAM HD422 lineup with the launch of the new PMW-160 handheld camcorder and the PMW-50 SxS field deck.

The PMW-160 handheld camcorder is expected to become available in December 2012 with a suggested price of $7,790. The PMW-50 SxS field deck, which will also begin shipping in December 2012, has a suggested price of $5,740.

"XDCAM HD422 products are ideal for applications where speed, fast file-based operation and outstanding picture quality are required," said Cyndi Lee, XDCAM marketing manager at Sony Electronics. "These applications can include the production of TV dramas, documentaries, or mainstream entertainment programs, and Sony will continue to evolve its line with more HD422 products, including a new recorder, in the pipeline."

The PMW-160 handheld camcorder, which has three 1/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors, comes with a 20-times zoom lens with a focal length of 29.5-590mm (35mm equiv.) and is capable of shooting even wider angles, using an optional wide converter VCL-HG0872 from a distance, making it ideal for event production, documentaries and other uses.

It can record in a variety of formats, including 1080/59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p, 720/59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 23.98p, and DVCAM for NTSC and PAL countries.

The PMW-50 SxS field deck is designed to support a variety of mobile XDCAM HD422 video production applications using SxS memory.

It allows users to playback and view content recorded on an SxS memory card, copy the data on an SxS card to other storage devices, and record an external SDI signal or convert a signal from SDI to i.LINK, and more."

Source: George Winslow, Broadcasting & Cable

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sony PMW-150 Camcorder

Sony has announced the introduction of its fourth 50Mb/s handheld HD camcorder the PMW-150.

The camera fits into Sony’s existing XDCAM 422 line-up between the PMW-100 and 200 and features 3 x 1/3 inch Exmor CMOS sensors, integrated 20x zoom lens with three independent control rings for focus, zoom and iris.

The PMW-150 also has 2 card slots for continuous recording with SxS media.

The handheld PMW-150 joins the PMW-100, PMW-200 and the shoulder-mount PMW-500 in the XDCAM 422 range.

The PMW-150 has a range of features which would appeal to professional  users in broadcast production as well as education, corporate and event videography. These including flexible shooting options in 1080/50i, 1080/25P, 720/50P, 720/25P or PAL.

 It also has a four-position built-in ND filter switch, Slow & Quick motion function which enables capture at 1 fps to 60 fps in 720p mode, and from 1 fps to 30 fps in 1080p mode.

Flexible recording options also include a choice of SD, Memory Stick and XQD cards.
Light-weight and mobile, the PMW-150 can be used for a wide variety of applications not just in broadcast and production but also in education, corporate, and event videography.

There is also a 15 second cache recording feature, as well as Genlock In and Time Code In/Out interfaces make the PMW-150 ideal for multi-camera environments.

Sony Professional Solutions Europe Strategic Marketing Manager Bill Drummond commented: “With fast file-based operation, codec efficiency and outstanding picture quality, XDCAM HD422 products are ideal for applications such as news gathering, when workflow speed is a key concern.”

“They are equally invaluable when seeking a high-quality HD broadcast image without compromising production costs and efficiencies, for example in the production of TV documentaries and mainstream entertainment programs.”

Sony has also launched a portable field recorder the PMW-50 to accompany the PMW range, with dual SxS slot, versatile connectivity and a 3.5” LCD panel.

The PMW-50 allows live-camera-feed recording, playback, file copying to media and external drives, in-field clip viewing, NLE editing and file transfer for DSNG transmission.

The ability to power the deck with BP-U batteries, commonly used with the PMW-100/150/200 handheld camcorders, and the consistency of the recording format (MPEG HD422 50Mbps (MXF), MPEG HD420 35Mbps (MP4) and DVCAM (MXF, AVI)) make the PMW-50 an invaluable asset in a multitude of applications, accommodating all the immediate needs of the operators in the field with minimal kit and investment requirements.

Drummond added: “With the development of not just the new PMW-50 field gear, but also the PMW-150 professional camcorder we are offering the most extensive range of broadcast quality HD422 50Mbps acquisition tools on the market today.”

Source: David Wood, Televisual