Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lytro Light Field Camera

The much-talked-about Lytro Light Field camera will be available in the US through,, and starting October 9th. The Lytro camera captures all the light traveling in every direction in a scene, giving photographers the ability to refocus the image after it's been taken. The result turns out to be what the company calls a "living picture" that can be focused and refocused, and shared online. The camera was first introduced six month ago and now is  available in three colors and priced at $399 for an 8GB model and $499 for one with 16GB storage.

Camera Specifications
Technology Lytro Light Field Sensor and Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0
Lens 8x optical zoom; constant f/2 lens
Controls Power button; shutter button; zoom slider; touchscreen
Display 1.52 in | 38.55mm back-lit LCD display with glass touchscreen
Exposure Control Tap on touchscreen to set exposure
Battery Long-life li-ion internal battery
File Output Light filed picture file (.lfp)
Light Field Resolution 11 Megarays: the number of light rays captured by the light field sensor
Software Includes a free desktop application for importing, processing and interacting with living pictures from the camera. Software requires Mac OS 10.6.6 or higher or Windows 7 (64-bit only)
Picture Output Produces HD-quality interactive, living pictures
Picture Storage Free storage for living pictures on, subject to the Terms of Use (internet access required)
Picture Viewing View and interact with living pictures on the Lytro camera as well as any supported computer, smartphone or tablet
Light Field Engine Version 1.0. This is the software that processes light fields to produce interactive pictures.
Shell Ultra-light anodized aluminium structural skin
Grip TPSiV-injection silicon rubber
E-waste RoHS certified
Weight Camera 7.55 oz | 214 g Boxed 22 oz | 624 g
Camera Dimensions 1.61 in x 1.61 in x 4.41 in | 41 mm x 41 mm x 112 mm
Box Dimensions 3.75 in x 3.625 x 6.5 in | 95 mm x 92 mm x 165 mm
Case Pack Quantity 10
Case Per Pallet 30
Included Lytro Light Field Camera; lens cap, cleaner cloth; wrist strap; 3.28 ft | 1m micro-USB cable for data transfer and charging
Optional Accessories USB wall charger; tripod mount; (separate purchase required).

Details about Where to Buy and the schedule for availability:

Online at, and starting October 9
Online at Future Shop in Canada, starting October 9
In-store through retailers in Australia, starting October 10
In-store through retailers in Hong Kong and Singapore, starting mid-October
In-store at CityTarget, starting November

Source: Lytro

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