Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Portable USB Charger BM23 is pleased to offer its customers one of our newest products,  Portable USB Charger BM23. This versatile device can be used for powering up such USB-based devices as iPhones, iPads, SmartPhones, digital cameras, GPS, and MP3/4/5 players.   

The charger, also referred to as a power bank, has 5200 mAh capacity and has proven itself to be useful in situations such as being on a long airplane trip, a car ride, etc., when you don’t have access to a standard wall outlet to re-charge our devices.  The power bank is equipped with an LED digital screen that displays the charging status and the charger’s remaining capacity, one mini-USB input port, two output USB ports to power up two devices simultaneously, and a LED torch light. 

BM23 comes with an AC adapter and a 4.5-ft. USB cable for easy charging. BestBatt recommends charging your portable power bank as soon as you purchase it to keep the device ready to use.  When the power bank is fully charged, the display screen will show “FF”.  To start charging your iPhone, camera, or any other USB-based device, press the charger’s button twice to activate the power output. During charging, the screen will show the percentage of the charger’s remaining power, and the numbers will be dropping. Pressing the charger’s button once will stop the power output.  If the screen shows “01”, that means that BM23 is out of charge, and you should re-charge it.

The portable USB charger is available at in two colors, white and black, and is currently offered at 36USD.


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